Client Expectations – Grow Program

Welcome to the Grow Program! As a participant, we hope that you will find benefit in attending our workshops, working with your recovery coach, and discovering your own sense of community within and beyond Grow.

Below, you will find information on what you can expect from the program. We have also listed what is expected of you as a participant in the Grow Program.

Attending Groups:

The Grow Program is a workshop-based program, and attending workshops will be central to how we can help you progress in your mental health recovery. You will be expected to:

  • Respect other participants, staff, community members, and the environment (for example, room, furniture, supplies, and natural surroundings).
  • Engage regularly in groups. After an absence of 1 month or longer, participants’ files may be closed (no longer registered with the Grow program).
  • Attend at least one group per week.
  • Arrive on time for group, doors will be open 5mins prior to the start of each group.
  • Follow all applicable Co-vid Screening and procedures. 

Working with your Recovery Coach:

As a participant, you will also work one-on-one with your Recovery Coach. The purpose of having an individualized Recovery Coach is to support you around successes/challenges while participating in Grow groups, to create a Recovery Plan and over time help you find ways to apply newly acquired skills and interests in the community. 

Recovery Plan Meetings will typically occur once every 1-3 months and are usually 1 hour in duration. A Recovery Plan is a participant lead collaboration with your Recovery Coach identifying goals you aspire to achieve in your time with GROW. On-going Recovery Plan meetings are a chance to check-in on successes & barriers around self-identified goals.

In working with a Recovery Coach, we ask that you:

  • Attend all scheduled meetings with your Recovery Coach. Call in advance if you will be late or unable to attend.
  • Participate as actively as you can and make an effort to collaborate with your Coach.
  • Identify meaningful and realistic goals that will help you progress through your mental health recovery.
  • Challenge yourself! Do things that will help you Grow. This could mean trying a new activity or taking steps toward a goal you have set for yourself.

Transition to Community:

The purpose of the Grow program is to help you eventually develop your own sense of community, whether that be through employment, volunteer work, education, recreation, and/or social groups. In order to help you work towards this sense of community, we expect that you:

  • Understand that Grow is a transitional (short-term) program, and are willing to collaborate with your Recovery Coach on a timeline for program involvement.

Have a willingness to work towards attending at least 1 group program in the community (in other words, a program that is run at another location and may involve people who are not Grow program participants).

Participant Rights and Responsibilities

Each participant has the right to:

  • A safe and secure environment.
  • Be treated with dignity, consideration, and respect at all times. This right applies also to family members, significant others, and friends.
  • An appropriately prompt, reasonable, and courteous response to requests for services or information.
  • Privacy and confidentiality.
  • Recognition as an individual.
  • Access services.
  • Freedom of social interaction.
  • Appeal a decision.
  • Express complaints and grievances.
  • Receive complete information concerning ICMH services and programs in a manner they understand.
  • Access to advocates if requested.
  • Provide opinions and input concerning the needs of clients and services offered.
  • Be free from abuse, harassment, or neglect from clients, personnel, or volunteers.
  • Be free from retaliation if raising an issue, concern, or complaint.
  • See any personal records regarding themselves and to attach a statement of corrections, if needed, unless harmful to third parties or self.
  • Give or withhold informed consent to services, to release information, or to express choice regarding services or personnel with whom they work.
  • Be involved in establishing their goals and defining the services they will receive.

Each participant has a responsibility to:

  • Treat all others with dignity and respect.
  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of others.
  • Refrain from violence, intimidation, or bullying.
  • Pay any fees agreed to in a timely manner.
  • Promptly inform personnel of any situation that threatens the safety and well-being of any ICMH personnel or person receiving services.
  • Attend workshops they have registered for.
  • Inform ICMH personnel when they will miss an appointment or group they had agreed to attend at least 24 hours prior to.
  • Engage in Recovery Planning with Recovery Coach and follow through with agreed upon plan.
  • Inform ICMH personnel when they wish to change or end the services they are receiving. 

In a situation where a participant does not carry out their responsibilities, personnel will:

  • Communicate participant responsibilities to other participants and personnel
  • Eliminate or minimize factors that contribute to disruptive behavior
  • Teach positive or desirable behavior
  • Integrate these actions into a recovery plan as necessary
  • Document the situation and actions taken
  • Breaches of responsibilities, or evidence of unchanged negative behavior, could result in discharge from the program or workshop(s).