What Is Greenridge Place & Eagle Rock Heights?

Greenridge Place and Eagle Rock Heights are licensed care facilities for young adults recovering from a mental illness, substance abuse, or both. There is a strong focus on recovery and psychosocial rehabilitation (PSR). The facilities are two adjacent houses near Swan Lake.

Population Served

The facilities and services at Greenridge Place and Eagle Rock Heights are intended for young adults (19-30) who are recovering from mental illness and/or substance abuse, and require support with medication, routine, meals, and activities of daily living. The residents of these homes vary from individuals needing full-time support, to those who are in a transition period, to those who just need a bit of extra support for a short period of time.


Greenridge Place and Eagle Rock Heights provide Psychosocial Rehabilitation (or PSR) services designed to promote personal recovery, successful community integration, and maintenance of a satisfactory quality of life. PSR focuses on helping individuals develop skills, access resources and improve their quality of life by building on their strengths. Residents set their own goals, and choose how to achieve them, with or without support from staff.

Greenridge and Eagle Rock’s multidisciplinary teams continuously encourage individuals to become increasingly independent. Staff uphold each individual’s right to privacy, dignity, self-determination, and are committed to helping individuals achieve their highest level of functioning and quality of life.



To learn more please contact:


Director of Licensed Care

125 Skinner Street
Victoria, BC V9A 6X4
Tel: (250) 389-1211 ext. 

Fax: (250) 389-1263