Grow is a recovery program that promotes wellness and community integration through one-on-one and group support. 



Peer Support hosts a variety of drop-in groups held in an inclusive and supportive environment. Led by trained peer support facilitators with lived experience. Supports individuals with mental health challenges to connect, learn and have positive experiences.


Our housing program offers access to various, affordable housing for individuals and families. These programs are designed for persons with disabilities and families with limited income. We also have three residential group homes, providing 24 hour care and support for people with severe mental health challeges: McCauley Lodge, Greenridge Place and Eagle Rock Heights.


At ICMH our experience has shown us that people with a mental health challenges can participate successfully in all types of education. For many, a return to school can be an important part of the process of recovery.





We believe that you can work regardless of the challenges you are experiences. We offer a supported Employment Program that serves people who are experiencing barriers as a result of mental health challenges or addictions. No groups, no workshops. Just one-on-one support to get you where you want to go with your employment goals.


The Senior's Support Network has provided a great program of activities for seniors with a mental health since 1982. It is a fantastic place to connect with others, and build social support networks, try something different and meet others.




The BRIDGE Centre is an activity-based program for people with a mental health disorders and cognitive challenges, held three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) at our Skinner Street location.