What is BRIDGE

The BRIDGE Centre is an activity-based program for adults aged 19 years of age or older who are experiencing ongoing mental health challenges as well as cognitive impairment. 

“I feel like we are a family here.” BRIDGE Centre Client


Through building skills and increasing exposure to and experience in the larger community, BRIDGE Centre clients are more comfortable and more likely to become engaged and involved in their communities, which in turn improves their quality of life. 

The BRIDGE Centre provides Psychosocial Rehabilitation (or PSR) services which are designed to promote personal recovery, community integration, social interaction and access to community resources. Through focusing on personal strengths, we help individuals develop skills with the goal of maintaining personal recovery, and improving quality of life. Participants set their own goals with and without the help of Centre staff, and are actively engaged in the recovery process. 

  • At the BRIDGE Centre, participants work in collaboration with staff to determine what they want from the program and how staff can best support them. We encourage individuals through interaction with each other, within the community, and participation in activities which build on social and personal skills, healthy lifestyle choices, recreation, and mindfulness.

The BRIDGE Centre meets three days peer week at 125 Skinner Street on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays from 9:30am-2:30pm. Each day is a different cohort and participants bring their own lunch and snack to program. We can assist in arranging transportation through HandyDART, or in helping to plan a bus trip. Participants are supported to make their own travel plans.

How to Get Involved


Referrals can be made by any collateral support such as a psychiatrist, case manager,
family/walk-in doctor, community support worker, psychologist, counsellor, healthcare provider, or by self-referral.  
Please reach out to Program Coordinator Athanasia Moulatsiotis (contact info below) to discuss some options that may be available.

Referral forms can be accessed here: BRIDGE-Referral-2023

To learn more please contact:


Program Coordinator
Athanasia Moulatsiotis
125 Skinner Street
Victoria, B.C. V9A 6X4
Tel: 250-389-1211 ext. 233
Fax: 250-389-1263

Email: athanasia.moulatsiotis@icmha.ca

Program Email: bridgecentre@imcha.ca