Great Resource: Depression Hurts

Our friend Vicki from VIHA directed us to a wonderfully laid-out and helpful website regarding Depression. The pages guide the user through a multitude of steps towards recovery including:
-Understanding Depression
-Symptom Checker
-Journey to Improvement
-Talking to your Doctor and
-Information for Family and Friends

Please follow the link to Depression Hurts to check it out!

Great Resource for Dementia:

A great resource has been found relating to the signs, symptoms, cause and treatment of dementia, other mental illnesses, and health concerns. The source is Please follow the link and explore this great website!

Montreal Gazette: University of Alberta scientist pinpoints anxiety trigger

EDMONTON – Groundbreaking research by a University of Alberta neuroscientist holds the promise of new treatment for anxiety disorders, Canada’s most common mental health problem.
The research published last week in The Journal of Neuroscience pinpoints a previously undiscovered mechanism in the brain that controls anxiety. That mechanism affects neurons in the pea-sized part of the brain that assesses risk and reward, making those neurons more or less excitable and therefore more or less likely to send out anxious messages.
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