Supported Employment at ICMHA

Networks Employment Solutions

Networks has been offering supported employment services in Greater Victoria since 2007. Using an Individual Placement and Support (IPS) model, Networks offers client-driven, individualized support for individuals recovering from mental illness to find and maintain paid employment of their choosing.

“Since coming to Networks, my self esteem and self confidence have grown. I would refer anyone looking for work to Networks.” – Networks Employment Solutions Client

Population Served
Networks works with adults (19 and over) experiencing mental illness and/or substance use issues who want to work.

Clients must be connected to the health care system. This means you receive support from a doctor, case-manager, psychiatrist, or other health care professional and that you are willing to work with your health care professional to follow a treatment plan.

We support individuals to obtain and maintain paid competitive employment in the open job market, because we believe this is possible.

Reduce the effect your mental illness or substance use issue has on finding and keeping the job you want.



How to Get Involved

Referrals can be made by any collateral support such as a psychiatrist, case manager,
family/walk-in doctor, community support worker, psychologist, counsellor, healthcare provider, or by self-referral.  
Please reach out to Director of Programs to discuss some options that may be available.

Referral forms can be accessed here: Networks Referral 2023

To learn more please contact:

Manager of Programs
Paula Greene
125 Skinner Street
Victoria, B.C. V9A 6X4
Tel: 250-389-1211 ext. 128
Cell: 250-884-2459