Message for Staff

Message from the President on behalf of the Board of Trustees:

We wish to acknowledge all of our ICMH staff, funders, partners and supporters for their remarkable work and dedication to allow our agency to provide the vital services we provide to our clients and our community. It has been an extraordinary year of challenges for all of us but by pulling together, being creative, staying safe and caring deeply, we continue to deliver the essential support of our many services to all those relying on ICMH. Thank you again for all your efforts in our collective journey of addressing the many mental health challenges our community faces on our road to mental wellness.

Skinner Street Update

Please be advised:

Due to the current pandemic situation we are currently asking our staff to work varied hours between home and Skinner Street. Please be aware that we are monitoring our phones on a regular basis and although we may not answer your call immediately we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you are already connected with a coach please reach out to them directly. If you are in crisis please contact the Vancouver Island Crisis Line at 1-888-494-3888 or the BC Crisis line at 1-866-661-3311.

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time for everyone.