The GROW program is an activity-based day program offering a variety of activities to support individuals in moving forward in their recovery.

“At GROW they don’t know me by my diagnosis, but for who I am.” – GROW Client

GROW offers a large variety of groups that provide clients with opportunities to pursue their individual recovery goals. Groups address various life domains, including leisure, basic living skills, wellness, and employment. The content of groups changes throughout the year and over time as all of our programming is client-driven, but key offerings include:

  • physical activity and recreation
  • mindfulness and relaxation
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • nutrition and healthy living
  • life skills: financial literacy, public speaking, cooking, social interaction

Population Served

GROW serves adults (19 years of age and above) with a mental health diagnosis who want support recovering from mental illness and are interested in pursuing activities to promote wellness.


The GROW program provides Psychosocial Rehabilitation (or PSR) services designed to promote personal recovery, successful community integration, and maintenance of a satisfactory quality of life. PSR focuses on helping individuals develop skills, access resources and improve their quality of life by building on their strengths. Individuals set their own goals and choose how to achieve them, with or without support from staff.

At GROW we believe:

  • Everyone has the potential and right to lead a purposeful life.
  • A supportive environment is central to achieving goals and maintaining structure.
  • Engaging in meaningful activities and being with others helps promote recovery.
  • Individuals are not defined by their mental illness.

GROW addresses all dimensions of wellness – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Our service integrates staff and clients’ ideas in developing activities and groups in order to meet individuals’ needs and interests.

Services Provided

    1. Recovery Plan
      • Create a meaningful and individualized Recovery Plan.
      • Help participants identify what they want to work toward.
      • Ready to participate regularly in groups, as well as on an individual basis.
      • Able and willing to be an active participant in creating a recovery plan.
      • Wanting to make improvements in life by becoming more engaged.
    1. Activities
      • Intended to promote wellness.
      • Based on client preferences and how the activity supports their wellness goals.
      • Physical fitness activities, from the beginner level to those looking for more of a challenge.
      • Creative activities with opportunities for artistic expression, to take a break from stressors and to have fun.
      • Social opportunities that encourage making connections and improving social skills in a safe and understanding atmosphere.
      • Relaxation practices, which include mindfulness exercises to gain a sense of balance and stability, as well as use of physical movement and meditation.
      • Skill development activities such as cooking, computer skills or knitting.
      • There is no charge for the majority of activities.
  1. Outcomes
    • Dependent on individuals’ Recovery Plan, but often entail:
      • Better sense of community.
      • Improved physical fitness, through becoming more active.
      • Work readiness, through routine and structure.
      • Social opportunities, becoming less isolated.
      • Improved self-esteem and confidence to pursue future goals.
      • Building and practice strategies to improve mental health.

Where and When We Meet

The GROW program runs Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm, clients are welcome to join as many or as few groups as they wish. Groups are held at 125 Skinner Street and at various locations in the community, such as community centres, parks, etc. Individuals are supported to make their own travel plans.

How to Get Involved

Referrals are made through Vancouver Island Health Authority (Island Health), psychiatrists, case managers, and sometimes local physicians. You can ask for a referral from your case manager or psychiatrist. Please note that we do not accept self-referrals at this time.

Referral forms can be accessed here: GROW Referral Form

To learn more please contact:

Program Manager
James Kerr
125 Skinner Street
Victoria, B.C. V9A 6X4
Tel: 250-389-1211 ext. 128
Fax: 250-389-1263