Message from ICMH

It is with great pleasure that the ICMHA Board wishes to announce the selection of our new Executive Director, Chris Forester. Chris is from our community and is well suited for this very important role. He has experience in not-for-profit management, 10 years working with Psycho Social Rehabilitation (PSR) programs and peer based initiatives, community engagement and team leadership, coupled with 14 years’ experience in social housing and mental health. 

The board would also like to extend our profound appreciation to Angela Treverton who has done a wonderful job in the Acting Executive Director role and who is looking forward to welcoming Chris on to our team and continuing her role as Director of Finance.  And we would like to further extend our appreciation to all our ICMHA staff for the tremendous services you provide every day to our community. The Board is looking forward to all of us welcoming and supporting Chris in the Executive Director role as we continue to deliver all the important programs so essential to the region.

On behalf of the ICMHA Board

Bob Clark

Board President