has returned!

Fantastic news from Need2:

What is
    has been serving the Greater Victoria area since 2008 but earlier this year, due to drastic funding cuts, we had to suspend some services and reduce others.  We’ve managed to secure a little bit of funding (but will need more to continue past June 30th), so, in addition to the (safe and moderated) discussion forum and a connection to e-counselling, we’re also able to offer live chat support four nights per week – Thursday to Sunday from 5:00pm to 11:00pm.
Young people come to the site for a variety of reasons… for example, relationship break-ups, family struggles, bullying issues, school/work pressures, suicidal feelings, questions about sexuality, concerns about self-harming behaviour, among other concerns. is a safe place for youth to connect, get help, and discover resources. is an online service which extends preventative mental health support to youth across Greater Victoria and the Southern Gulf Islands (and beyond). By accessing the website, youth can reach out anonymously to professionally trained volunteers using private one-to-one chat via any computer. Volunteers are able to offer supportive listening, conduct risk assessments and safety plans, and connect youth to other resources in the community.

· Youth can also participate in a peer-to-peer support forum where they can post and reply to each other at any time of the day on topics ranging from relationships to self-harm and suicide.  Volunteers also reply to these posts and offer the same level of support offered via chat. Staff moderate these forums to ensure posts are appropriate and that the space if kept safe for all who participate. 

· Youth have the option to reach out by e-mail to child and youth counsellors at Pacific Centre Family Services Association. Counsellors there are prepared to respond by e-mail to youth with ongoing support, information, and provide the option to meet for face-to-face counselling.

· offers an online resource database of youth programs and services for Greater Victoria thanks to a partnership with Youthcore. The Youthcore database is updated by service providers on an ongoing basis to ensure the most up-to-date information is available in a search friendly manner.

·  Questions? Concerns? Suggestions? Fundraising ideas?  Please let them, know! 

CMHA is thrilled to hear this great news!