ICMH Presents Improv for Beginners – August 24, 2015

Have you ever wondered how those guys on “Whose Line is it Anyway?” do it?

 Come find out!

Learn Improvisation games that will teach you the basics of how to tell a fantastic story, and how to create funny improvised scenes out of thin air!

 When: Monday August 24th 10:30-12:30 pm

Where:  ICMHA 125 Skinner St.  In the Art Studio

 For more information call Darlene Arseneault at:  250-588-8171

To register call Ilene at :  250-389-1211

Darlene A

Darlene Arseneault has a  BA in Theatre from UBC.  She has been an actress for over 25 years, performing

Improvisational theatre, sketch comedy, new plays and

classic theatre.


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ICMH and Communica offering “Communicating Through Conflict” July 28 – August 13

NetWorks provides supported employment services to individuals recovering from mental illness who are seeking work. One of the community resources they refer clients to is Communica Dialogue and Resolution Services, who teach communication and conflict management skills. These skills are often essential in maintaining employment and positive relationships.

NetWorks has just partnered with Communica to offer a seven-workshop series called Communicating Trough Conflict at our Skinner Street location. The workshop covers conflict basics, conflict styles, active listening, assertiveness, managing emotions, and culture and power. If you are interested, please contact Dawn twin at dawn.twin@icmha.ca

For details on the individual workshops, click here.

ICMH offering Ready to Rent workshop – September 22 – October 27

This fall, our Housing Rehabilitation and Support program is offering the Ready to Rent workshop series. This series of six two-hour workshops covers areas including:

  • What landlords are looking for in a tenant
  • Issues that may affect your ability to get the housing you need
  • Banking, credit and finance
  • Short and long term financial goals
  • Determining your housing budget
  • Figuring out housing needs and wants
  • Understanding how to complete a rental application
  • Tenant and landlord housing rights and responsibilities
  • Fire safety & insurance
  • Existing community resources
  • Communications skills that will help you in relationships with landlords, neighbours and roommates.

Graduates receive a Ready to Rent certificate recognized be housing providers as a reliable and trustworthy housing reference.

Please register by July 27, 2015 by contacting Katilyn Nohr or Jennifer Stevens

Ready To Ren Poster

GROW Offers “The Art of Seeing” by photographer Quinton Gordon – October 7, 2015

The Art of Seeing – October 7, 2015 10:30 – noon

with Quinton Gordon

The simple act of looking at the world around us and making photographs that express our emotional response to what we see opens new avenues of connection and creativity.

This short workshop with Quinton Gordon focuses on ways to heighten our sense of personal connection through a simplified approach to photography. Using low fidelity, simple cameras removes the technical barriers of image making, allowing us to focus on creative, visual, and emotional exploration. During the workshop Quinton will lead the group through a discussion on how a simple camera can be used to great effect followed by a one hour photo-walk.


Quinton Gordon is a visual artist, photographer and educator who has used his camera as a means to explore the world for over 30 years. These explorations have taken him around the world on assignments for international publications and clients but his most important photographs are made right here in his own backyard. In 2012 he published Mile Zero: A Place Uncertain, a handmade monograph from a three year personal project that explores his connection to place. He is currently working on a follow up book, Personal Fiction. Quinton lives in Victoria with his wife, daughter and a growing collection of animals.

Quinton GordonQuinton

Photographer At Large

To register for this workshop, please phone 250-389-1211 or email info@icmha.ca

Playing With Words – Poetry and Spoken Word Workshop – July 29, 10:30 – 12:30

On July 29, GROW is offering Playing with Words – A Morning with Poet Susan Stenson

Nobody can write your poem except you, because nobody sees the world the way you do. But where do you begin? Writing poetry, Charles Simie says, “is the process of fumbling around.” Whether you write daily, or whether you have never written a word, free-writing lets words cartwheel across the page.

In this workshop, using prompts, pictures, exercises and models, the ideas will come easily, then we’ll shape them into poems.

Let’s write poems big enough for “their own small moons”.

July 29th 10:30-12:30

125 Skinner Street in the Art Studio

To sign-up please call Ilene @ 250-389-1211

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Teaching Approach

Ashton Kutcher’s friends “got punk’d”, but Susan Stenson’s students “get poemed”. Constantly looking for opportunities to turn her students in to authors or poets, Ms. Stenson inspires her students to participate in events like Victoria’s Random Acts of Poetry month, where poets frolic about town reading poetry and exposing people to great writing. Ms. Stenson doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk and through her own writing, shows students that she is willing to take the same risks that she asks of them.

Her poems have been short listed several times for the CBC literary prize and are also featured on buses throughout British Columbia in the Poetry in Transit program.  Her work has also been commissioned for CBC radio’s Out Front Program.

Susan teaches English and creative writing to high school students in Saanich School District, has taught at Kamhlaba United World College in Mbabane, Swaziland and for The Victoria School of Writing. She is a regular on the roster of literary festivals, most recently for Poetry Africa in Durban, South Africa,  and Words Aloud 3, in Durham, Ontario.