ICMH offering Communicating through Conflict

Do difficult conversations often end up as arguments?

Are you feeling powerless?

Do you have trouble getting your point across?

Would you like to improve your personal relationships?

Do you find it hard to obtain the services you need?

Is it challenging to deal with government representatives?

Would you like to learn options for dealing with everyday conflicts?

Does the art of assertiveness escape you?

This seven-session course is presented by Island Community Mental Health in partnership with Communica Dialogue and Resolution Services.

Sessions cover the following topics:

  1. Conflict basics: A general introduction to the topics covered in the workshop series. **Participation in this session is required to take the other 6 sessions in this workshop series. (November 24)
  2. Conflict styles: An introduction to the 5 major conflict styles (avoid, harmonize, compete, compromise and collaborate) and the role that each style plays in managing conflict and communication. (November 26)
  3. Active listening: Participants will explore active listening, practice effective listening skills and learn how to use these skills to improve their communication with others. (December 1)
  4. Assertiveness: Participants explore common behaviours, the value of neutral language and learn a specific model for effective assertion messages in a variety of situations. (December 3)
  5. Managing strong emotions: Learn how emotion can be both a cause and a consequence of conflict and explore strategies for managing strong emotions. (December 8)
  6. Power and culture: Participants will learn how power and culture influence communications and how to minimize the impact of cultural differences and power imbalances. (December 10)
  7. Bringing it all together: In the final session, participants combine and practice all the skills learned in the previous workshops. (December 15)

For more information or to register contact Dawn Twin at dawn.twin@icmha.ca or 250-389-1211.