ICMH to offer Hip Hop Dance Hall Workshop – August 21, 2015

With funding from the United Way of Greater Victoria, and in collaboration with Island Community Mental Health’s GROW Program and Young Adult Engagement Project, we are presenting a Hip Hop Dance Hall Workshop on August 21.

Our classes promote supportive and interactive dance floor etiquette. Through Dance Hall technique we learn to spontaneously synchronize and Hype each other up!! Personal growth, body awareness and community are our aim. Learn how to utilize your moves through many Hip Hop dance styles, while having a lot of fun! All our class’s are playful, friendly and full of community vibes. You meet everyone, dance, and the classes will end in an engaging group chat.

When: Friday August 21 1:30-3pm
Where: ICMH Community Room, 125 Skinner Street
Contact: Ilene 250-389-1211

About the Facilitator

Cristel HipHop

Dance was always a part of Crystel’s life. Her love of dance has evolved to the extent that she played an inte-gral part in building a dance hall in the massive garage of her community home in East Vancouver. She hosts dance classes and started the dance crew and company “Light Twerkerz”. Her mission is to bring the inspired, liberated, fun and interactive parts of dancehall culture to everyone.