Wellness Benefits You Should Be Taking Advantage of

January 25, 2013
And what you can do if you don’t have wellness benefits

By Ashley Kascak
Understanding your workplace benefits plan can often feel like navigating your way through a time-sucking labyrinth. As painful and daunting as it may appear, you could be missing out on opportunities that provide discounted access to both personal and family support. Here are a few wellness benefits you should be taking advantage of and tips for finding affordable support if you don’t have them.
Fitness Program
Fitness programs can include anything from subsidizing gym memberships or may be integrated into a wellness spending account, so you can receive reimbursement for your exercise of choice. This is a great benefit, as the more you enjoy your physical activity, the more likely you’re going to stick with it.
If you don’t have fitness benefits, get creative. Start a fitness challenge competition amongst employees, request your employer bring in small exercise equipment or arrange lunchtime runs or walks with your colleagues. Click here to read more.