World Suicide Prevention Day

SEPTEMBER 10, 2013

This year the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention is pleased to be partnering with the Mental Health Commission of Canada to promote World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD), held on September 10, 2013.  Building on the international theme of “Stigma: A major Barrier to Suicide Prevention”, Canada  will be focusing this year’s theme on Hope and Resiliency at Home and Work.
Families and workplaces have enormous potential to promote people’s growth, wellness and resilience. The Hope and Resiliency campaign is intended to nurture the capacity of families and workplaces to support mental, physical and spiritual wellness.  Families and work places play a critical role in helping their family members and employees develop the skills and abilities to cope with the unavoidable stresses, and challenges of life across the life span. The Hope and Resiliency campaign is intended to give families and employees the tools they need to thrive and be safer by strengthening connections, promoting conversations about mental wellness, and knowing how we can help protect and care for each other during times of crisis.
Two valuable resources have been produced to assist families and workplaces engage in these important life enhancing and life saving conversations. Hope and Resiliency at Home and Hope and Resiliency at Work contain useful information about ways we can all enhance the mental well being of ourselves and others and by doing so become suicide safer.  Conversation, connection, and mindful compassion are the three components that are emphasized throughout these materials. Click here for the website.